A new way to explore the weightlifting online
FitLifting is an online weightlifting preparation system designed by SB Team for CrossFit athletes and amateur weightlifters. The routines behind the system were worked out based on Sergey Bondarenko's decades of professional weightlifting experience, coaching career and consultations with sports doctors and nutritionists. The way the system works allows athletes to master their weightlifting skills, expand their knowledge and get to know new fellow athletes just by using their smartphone.
What is FitLifting?
How it works
Join the channel
You join the FitLifting private channel via WhatsApp application for weekly distribution of routine with videos demonstrating every exercise and particular recommendations for the week
Ask questions
You ask Sergey Bondarenko any questions about the routine, technique, problems and goals in WhatsApp chat and get them answered to make your FitLifting experience more smooth and effective.
You can share your experience and videos of you lifting with other athletes in the chat, discuss the routines and your goals and problems and get new friends and training partners.
Why choose FitLifting?
High Quality Routines
All programs are designed personally by Sergey Bondarenko, using variety of the exercises developed in Soviet/Russian weightlifting school to develop proper technique and achieve good results. The workload of the routine will perfectly suit amateur weightlifter, team sports athlete or CrossFit athlete seeking to improve their results in weightlifting.
Ongoing Support
Having access to videos for every exercise and being able to ask questions online you get much better insight in the weightlifting world and more precise understanding of the routine.
Video Materials
The program is supplemented with videos of all exercises demonstrated personally by Sergey Bondarenko, showing all the tricks and peculiarities of weightlifting technique and enriching your arsenal of exercises.
Join the FitLifting
$29 per 4 weeks
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