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We are ready to make your athletes stronger and coaches more educated any time in any part of the world
What you'll get
High Quality
Our programs have been run for numerous times, receiving positive reviews. We have an experience of dealing with various levels of trainees and we are able to find a proper approach to every athlete.
Terms Flexbility
Our No. 1 priority is to make seminar happen. We are always eager to negotiate flexible financial terms to make the even interesting to the host and attract more attendants.
Our managers are always ready to answer your questions. You can call us at the weekends and at night.
We like to make people happy. We provide a free T-shirt, Certificate and discount to remote coaching services to every attendant.
Individual Aproach
We limit attendants number to make sure that everyone receives personal attention and feedback on every set
New Members
Very often the advertising campaign for the seminar brings new athlete to the host gym and provide extra value to existing members.
Koblenz, Germany
May, 2017
KraftWerk CrossFit box and Germany Olympic Track & Field strength coach, Gilani XXX, hosted a 2-days seminar by Sergey Bondarenko for its athletes in May, 2017.
Moscow, Russia
XXX, 2017
Rigert Academy, a CrossFit box and weightlifting gym opened by a well-known athlete Vladislav Rigert.
London, UK
April, 2017
Vauxhall Crossfit hosted a 1-day seminar attended by box's coaches and intermediate level athletes. Competitive spirit of the audience made us run a small competition with the freshly learned auxiliary lifts.
Available Programs
Basic program designed for novice athletes and focusing on:
- Learning proper technique;
- Avoiding typical mistakes;
- Combining weightlifting with other sports;
- Creating first routine;
- Building strength.

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Advanced 2-days seminar, with day 1 focusing on Snatch and Strength block and day 2 focusing on Clean & Jerk, Stretching & Flexibility block and Programming lecture.
- Adjusting technique to increase results;
- Building leg and back strength;
- Programming a preparation cycle;
- Recovery methods;
- Improving flexibility.

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Most advanced seminar designed for coaches and athletes confident with their technique and/or seeking to do self-coaching.
- How to find out trainee's/your mistakes and eliminate them;
- How to find an optimal workload for trainee;
- Assessment of trainee's natural talent and prospectives;
- Programming cycles around the meets;
- Competition tactics;
- Weightlifting for professional athletes from other sports;
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The programs above provide general outline of seminar content, however we always develop an individual program with the head coach/gym owner to be tailored for the needs of attendants.
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